I’m a woman with a great sense of direction, but a chronic inability to finish a project. I’m the sort of perfectionist who gets overwhelmed by all there is to do, so I sit among the dog-hair tumbleweeds and watch TV. I believe in mindfulness but I practice numbing out more often than meditation. I’ve been told I can seem reserved and aloof, though I have a very tender heart.

I’m a wife to a creative, gentle, and retro-hockey-loving man. I’m a mother to our one-year old son who, as of this writing, loves books, the dog, cheese, Skyping his grandparents, and walking around the house with no pants holding an apple. Our boy was conceived after a miserable struggle with infertility and with some intervention by our friendly neighbourhood health care professionals. It’s much nicer on this side of the fence.

Flamenco dance, creativity, delicious and healthy food, knitting, the company of like-minded women, learning, tolerance, the wise use of technology, yoga, excellent writing, sour cherries, compassion, beautiful clothes, tea, spirituality, home repairs, butter, gentle parenting, pearls – these are a few of my favorite things.


One Response to who?

  1. Wordgirl says:

    I just had to read this again and smile. We are kindreds… of that there is NO DOUBT IN MY MIND.



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